Vocal Playground

Join others on the Vocal Playground for Embodied Voice Care that reconnects your body, heart & voice.

What is the Vocal Playground?

The Vocal Playground is an online group offering, a place to explore Embodied Voice Care practices. Playground sessions weave together movement and voice care practices that support you in rebuilding a relationship with your body, heart and voice. Gather on the playground where you’ll have access to 3 weekly 30 min Embodied Voice Care sessions, full Qoya Inspired Movement Class (1 per session), Voice Education Session (1 per session) and Office Hours (weekly) where you can ask your voice related questions.

Vocal Playground

The Vocal Playground might be for you if…

  • you’re looking to feel more connected with your body, heart, and voice, but need support with the how!
  • you’d like to feel more confident about your voice
  • you’re curious about the voice-vagus nerve connection and ways to partner with your nervous system
  • you’re doing voice therapy to rehabilitate your voice and need support with maintenance, these sessions are not a replacement for voice therapy!

What to expect

Come as you are to the vocal playground where we’ll move and explore vocal play. We gather online Mon, Wed, Thurs for 30 min (recordings are available). Each session weaves together Qoya Inspired movement and voice care.

There is a full Qoya Inspired Movement class once a month that will have a Voice Theme so we can dive deeper into exploring the language of the body and noticing sensation and vibration.

A Voice Education Workshop is included where we’ll explore topics like the Vocal Wellness tips, Voice-Vagus Nerve connection, How to create your own voice warm up ritual.

Weekly Office Hours where you can bring your voice related questions.

Curious about voice care?
Some days it might include self massage, stretches, sound play, mantras, vagus nerve practices, tuning into vibration, your breath, your voice-pelvic floor connection, meditations, etc.

Curious about Qoya Inspired Movement?
Qoya Inspired Movement invites expression through movement, each session we practice noticing and following sensation. Bit by bit, we expand our vocabulary for sensation and feeling.
Some days we will explore the wisdom of yoga, meditation, breath work, practices that draw us into our inner wisdom. Some days we’ll play with creative dance and sensual movement.

Camera on or off, come as you are.

Focus less on how your voice sounds and how the movement looks and more on how it feels.
There are no levels, there’s no way to do it wrong!

All bodies and voices are welcome, come tend to your vocal instrument and your mind, body & heart.

What’s Included

1. 20 min consult

Discuss voice goals & your intention for joining the vocal playground

2. Live 30 min Vocal Playground session

Qoya Inspired Movement & Vocal Play, Mon, Wed, Thurs(recordings available)

3. Qoya Inspired movement class (virtual)

4. Voice Education Session

5. Office Hours (weekly)

Martha brilliantly weaves her vocal expertise with Qoya movement creating a learning experience that is unique and impactful. My relationship with and understanding of my voice is on a whole new level! Thank you, Martha!

– E.V. (USA)

(Vocal playground participant)
I loved this class. It daily grounded me and gave me new insights.

– C.M. (USA)

(Vocal playground participant)

Martha brings her light, radiant energy to every Qoya class and beautifully invites us to move from our head space to our heart space. These classes are such a soulful way to connect with others and to let our bodies guide us through whatever is surfacing. I always left feeling more attuned to my own energy and inner guidance.

– S.D.N. (Mexico)

(QOYA inspired movement classes)

Martha’s vocal playground was an incredible way to light up my mornings, ground me in my own presence, and set the tone for my day. Often throughout the day I would be reminded of something beautiful that had come up and it would bring me back to my own voice. I am looking forward to more!

– L.S. (USA)

(Vocal Playground)

I tend to shove my feelings inside and they usually end up as knots in my back, shoulders and neck. Qoya taught me to be present, to go inside my body and connect with those feelings and release them with purposeful and guided movements. Martha’s beautifully designed classes gave me a safe and nurturing space to express my emotions and experience the joy of dance!

– D.L. (Canada)

(Qoya Inspired Movement Classes)

My Qoya classes with Martha were joyful, inspiring and very much in tune with what I was looking for. Martha made everyone from all over the world feel welcome. Her sensibility and great insights helped me tremendously to go about my daily life, listen to my body, and move or dance accordingly.

– S.R. (Switzerland)

(Qoya Inspired Movement Classes)

Why Partner With Me?

The Vocal Playground was created so we can do voice care together. A group experience allows for more affordable access to voice care. I take an integrative approach, weaving together voice care techniques and somatic movement practices, drawing from my work as Qoya Inspired Movement teacher and voice therapist.

We acknowledge the land we are meeting on is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We also acknowledge that Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit. Today, this meeting place is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to live and work on this land.

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